Advertising on a Social Media Platform

Advertising through a social media platform is becoming essential for any business. Millions upon millions visit the internet a day, with websites such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Pinterest being some of the most hit. With so many people visiting these websites, it’s clear that if the advertising space on each website isn’t used appropriately, hundreds of businesses could lose out on money and new potential customers.

Even though it’s easier for bigger businesses to be seen on Facebook and Twitter (they already have followers, their influence is massive). Smaller businesses have to start using these functions, because, if they start to ignore them, they will start to be ignored. It can be done over various platforms, being seen through your phones or tablets, computers and laptops, you will still end up being seen online and you advertise properly.

I think it is more important for smaller businesses to advertise online. Here are some reasons why I think so;

• Your audience is massive for the price you pay. You will be seen by hundreds, thousands and even more if you use advertising online effectively. If someone likes your brand, their friends will see it and check it out.
• You can broaden your horizons. With so many people being able to see your business and its potential online, you can find your target audience and maybe even build partnerships with other businesses.
• It is cheap. It is a lot cheaper than advertising on the television. Also, if done correctly it can be one of the most effective ways to advertise.

Smaller businesses are also being given help from websites such as Twitter. America has two initiatives in place, ‘Shop Small’ and ‘Small Business Saturday’. This encourages people to use small businesses online in the hope that they will become promoted more. Twitter has also launched Twitter Ads for Small Businesses, where they plan to give $100 US Dollars worth of advertising credits to 10,000 small businesses around the United States so small businesses can promote their business accounts and promote various tweets highlighting products.

Here is a video that explains what Small Business Saturday is all about in the States.

Apparently this is already helping businesses according to Mary Ann Fitzmaurice Reilly, SVP at American Express OPEN who said…

“Last year, we saw a 28 percent rise in sales volumes for our small business merchants versus the same day in 2009,”

This image is of the small Brooklyn based business Alter. Here is how they used the money from Twitter to promote their business.

Obviously, if you do advertise on Twitter and Facebook you need to remember some important things. Your brand or businesses personality is the key factor to remember. If you start to type things where you could potentially offend people, get your locations wrong or even mix up nationalities (Starbuck’s comes to mind…) you will end up losing more followers and likes than you have gained. Also, remember to make you known, promote your products and services, not your thoughts and opinions (unless they are on your products or services). Finally, remember to stay loyal to your oldest and first followers, they are still your customers too, and if they’ve been there from the start, they are devoted!

This is based on how America uses Twitter to advertise on Social Media, but all of this is relevant to Britain and the rest of the world, it just needs to be implemented and support needs to be given to smaller businesses!

Here are some links…

Twitter Blog explaining about Twitter Ads for Small Businesses.

Thanks to the Twitter Blog and Alter Brooklyn for the image.


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