Talking in a Different Style and Tone of Voice

This post is still in the works!

Our task was to create four of the same sentences for four different audiences and in four different tones.

Paragraph 1

My first paragraph is more orientated for the general audience (anyone who uses Facebook). It lets users know about Facebook and what it does. The tone of voice is formal because you may be addressing superiors.

Facebook is the largest social networking site on the internet. We give you the chance to re-connect with old friends and make new ones along the way. It’s the best way to share your favourite moments with friends, all around the world.

Paragraph 2

The target audience for this paragraph is for adults. The tone of voice is slightly formal but familiar.

If you join Facebook you won’t regret it! You can make new friends and check up on your old friends too! It’s also great to share photos with everyone, like when you go on holiday or when you go out with mates!

Paragraph 3

The target audience for this paragraph is for families and the older potential users of Facebook. The tone of voice is kind and caring.

Facebook gives you the chance to reconnect with everyone. You can share your most treasured moments, through photos and quotes and let everybody see them. So start searching for old friends and family today.

Paragraph 4

The audience is for teenagers who are just leaving college and about to start university. The tone of voice is quite informal and casual.

Facebook is great to keep in the know with all of your mates! It will tell you about all the latest parties and events, so that you will never miss out again. You can also show everyone photo’s from the events and let everyone know what happened last night!


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