Improved Website Copy – Search Engine Optimisation

With the new Game of Throne’s teaser out, I thought why not upload a piece of work I did for my first year of University. The task was to find three websites, find their ‘About’ pages and change the paragraphs to make them more understandable and provide a higher chance for them to gain more visitors through Google. I’ve listed the advantages and disadvantages to each website while providing improved copy for the website that I thought needed rewriting the most.

Originally posted on the 24th November 2011.

Best website:

An image showing the ‘About’ page on


States what it is.
Tells you what the website does and what it’s about.

Provides you with links to other websites, which are relevant to the series.


They focus on other links too much.

Doesn’t describe the TV series that much.

Doesn’t highlight the genre of the story.

The next best website:

The ‘About’ page for


States what it is, and what the series is from.

States the original work and what started the stories.

Highlights when the website was created.


Too little writing.

Not highlighted the genre.

Doesn’t provide any links.

Worst website:

GameofThrones.TV ‘About’ Page


Highlights that it is created by George R.R. Martin.

Provides a link.

Provides a contact email.


The text is very short.

Even though one link is highlighted there may be room for one more.

Doesn’t highlight the genre of the series for new visitors.

Gameofthrones.TV Rewritten copy

Game of Thrones.TV is a fan site that has been created for fans and followers of the hit fantasy series Game of Thrones airing on HBO and Sky Atlantic. Game of Thrones originates from the epic fantasy series from George R.R. Martin’s ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’. The website will include all upcoming Game of Thrones news, along with input from fans, interviews and photos. Not to mention new videos and trailers from the awaited Series 2. If you wish to get more information of Game of Thrones and Season 2 join the Game of Thrones Forum.

Why I chose to rewrite this copy

This copy was by far the shortest. By creating a new paragraph, I knew I could easily involve more key points while also keeping the main theme of the website on track. I managed to add the title of the book, the book series, how the book series had moved forward to become a television series while still keeping the fundamental pieces of information that is needed to get the website hits. I also still intend to keep the link that is provided on the original piece of copy to the message boards, as this will create more traffic and create popularity.


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