Cornwall Holiday Cottages – Using Social Media

How do you increase popularity of your business on Facebook and Twitter?

By consumer interaction! By working with the customer and consumer you can, quite quickly create a relationship with them and if you build that relationship over Facebook, you are more likely to get more followers.

Our task was to create a way to interact with consumers through social media while they stayed in Holiday Cottages around Cornwall. This can either be through offering incentives or encouraging them to take photos and check in.

As a holiday cottages in Cornwall are very popular now that ‘staycations’ are all the rage, we decided to maximise on checking in, making the customer advertise us by checking in, advertising businesses around Falmouth, Flushing and Cornwall in general and hopefully creating an enjoyable experience for guests who stayed in the cottages.

Our Idea:

We decided to create a device called the ‘Fobulous’. The basic idea of this Key Fob is that it would attach and connect to your Facebook and FourSquare accounts. This created the opportunity for people to quickly and effectively check into places by just the push of a button.

Fobulous - Social Media Check In Device (Fictional)

Fobulous (Fictional) – A Social Media Check In Device for tourists to check into various locations around Falmouth and Flushing, creating a Social Media buzz.

Obviously, we couldn’t expect the customers to do it all on their own, we would have to provide pointers and prompts for them to remember to check in, so how would we do this?

Partnering with businesses in Falmouth, we could provide stickers to stores and restaurants letting the holiday makers know that this area is a Check-In spot. By then pressing the key fob, the holiday maker would then have checked in to wherever they are staying, but also tagging the holiday cottages Facebook page, letting others know about our Holiday Cottages.

Obviously, we needed to give our guests a reason to carry on checking in, so it wasn’t just a novelty. So we wanted to give them the opportunity to win something too. This way they would be enticed and attracted to checking in. But how could we do this? By using what we have to our advantage.

Working together with restaurants, bars and stores around Flushing, Falmouth and Penryn, they opportunity for prizes are high. By checking into a restaurant using ‘Fobulous’ could have the chance to win a meal for you and your family, discounts in various stores, and by encouraging the guests to check in at their holiday cottages to make sure that they create awareness for their friends and family back at home, give them the chance to win another holiday in the holiday cottages next summer, for them and friends.

This would maximise the use of the Holiday Cottages Facebook page, because everyone loves free things, and by making the guest work for it, makes them interact with the Facebook page, creates awareness of the holiday homes and also creates a conversation with others, encouraging other guests to start checking in and creating a buzz.

By doing this we have now successfully created awareness of our holiday cottages throughout the country, Cornwall and done so in a fun, customer friendly way.


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