Have You Unlocked The 007 In You?

‘Have you unlocked the 007 in you?’ Is a campaign by Coke Zero and seeing as the new film Skyfall is being released in just a week’s time, this seemed like the most appropriate campaign to focus on.

The basic premise of the campaign is to get users to run across a train station (with added dramatic Bond music included) to win tickets for a private screening of the new Bond film Skyfall.

The unsuspecting train passengers who went to the Coke vending machine would buy a drink, and this would activate the event. They had to enter their names and then a time would start, giving them 70 seconds to run from one side of the train station to another platform. Easy? Maybe, but there were various obstacles in the way along with bands playing the Bond theme tune.

If the passengers were successful they won the tickets, but they would have to sing the theme tune, which subsequently ended up with some strangers joining in.

Why did the campaign work?

The campaign worked because it was fun. Without just giving away the tickets it was more fun, also by putting the users under pressure without knowing what was happening they had to participate. Also, with various buskers playing the James Bond theme tune people around the train station were also involved just by listening to the music. It also made people aware of what was happening, and added a whole new way of interaction for outsiders.

What it could have done differently?

If it could have done anything differently, I think it could have been done on a whole larger scale, instead of just train stations the campaign could have worked in airports, ports and even in cities. There was nothing stopping the limitations of this campaign and it’s a shame that they didn’t choose to use the various scenarios just listening to expand.
As most people would appreciate the Bond tickets, winners should have also been able to win other prizes (maybe if the event was on a larger scale) to win holidays to places where the new Skyfall film is set, or maybe even one of the cars that you see Bond drive.

What were its short fallings?

I think that its short fallings were that they limited themselves to just train stations. Even though, this may have been more sensible in the logistics of how it could work, it seems a shame that it wasn’t experienced in other places.

However, I do think that the campaign was very effective and pretty impressive, and this really kept to a Bond theme, by sticking to that bond theme (high action, high paced and adrenaline pumping) that they managed to execute the perfect and relevant task, which suited the Bond franchise. It also fitted the personality of Coke Zero, as it’s known to be a very cool drink and its previous ad campaigns have also involved high action and high paced drama, making the event and experience relevant all round.

Here is the new Skyfall 007 Coke Zero advert too.


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